MetaQuorum - MIGRATION



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MetaQuorum - MIGRATION

Migration is our first song, the lyrics call us to wake from our endless roaming and find direction in life.
A progressive track with an epic sound, sub bass and bass evoke the echoing expanse of the solar system while the insistent dance-trance rhythm on drums, guitar, slap key-bass and sequencers provide a sense of relentless movement, our transmigration through time and space.
An array of effects enhance this cosmic feel, culminating with the soulful sax (actually sound-engineered from Japanese kokyū) which beams out across the galactic winds.
Migration – our journey through the cosmos!

Genres (iTunes): Main Genre: Electronic: Electronica; Alternate Genre: Rock: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Genres (MQ definition): Meld: Funk/Prog-Rock/Jazz/Electronica/Hip-Hop - Fusion

Lyrics, written and arranged by Dmitry Ermakov.
Keyboards, synth and key bass, vocals - Dmitry Ermakov.
Drums, audio-engineering - Koos van der Velde.
Vocals – Carol Ermakova.
Soundscapes by Dmitry Ermakov & Koos van der Velde.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Dmitry Ermakov & Koos van der Velde @ Low Bishopley Studio & Market Place Studio, Weardale, UK.
Mastered by Chris Longwood @ SugarHill Recording Studios, Houston, TX, USA.
Cover art by Dmitry Ermakov.
© Dmitry Ermakov, 2016.
℗ Dmitry Ermakov & Koos van der Velde, 2016.
UPC: 5056052738427
ISRC: UK-682-16-24102
CAT N.: MQN004


Temptation to move
on the surface of the Earth,
in the waves between the worlds

Elevator to the stars
reflects galaxies dance,
nebulas moving past fast

Star dust on the shoes,
silicon soles on the move
echo in the empty tube

Mind games unfold on the screen
of the perceptual realm
filled with the ants’ scream

Existence - running in loops,
population of the virtual realms
distracted from the moment of truth

There’ll come a moment at last
when you break through the deadly impasse,
when the wheels of migration collapse.


"MetaQuorum are being very bold in May, with two singles released; fans of their funk laden electronica are in for a real treat as new track Jonathan Livingston is released on Sunday 15th May with Migration following on Saturday 28th May. [...] Migration is a similarly progressive track, an epic sound echoing the expanse of the solar system, it’s all filled with dance-trance rhythms." BY SIMON BECKWITH ON THURSDAY, MAY 5TH, 2016 NARC.Magazine.


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